Cosmin – Razvan Florescu also known as Dj Wela is a professional DJ from Bucharest, Romania. His DJ career began in 2011 after a childhood infatuation with music. Dj Wela is an open-format DJ, mixing a variety of genres from hip-hop, reggaeton, latin, and urban to EDM, house, and club sounds. His resume is full of urban culture festivals and events, such as Urban Riders, Oktoberfest Brasov (Battle of the Kronstadt Bands), Project XXL, and SEVN. He was a regular performer at clubs and pubs across Bucharest and in 2017, he became the official DJ and one of the producers for the band Triplu Sec, participating in multiple concerts, festivals, and TV appearances with them. Since then, he has gained meaningful production experience in various genres, such as pop, minimal house, and deep house. As of 2019, Dj Wela has been available as an international act, playing shows in Greece, Spain, and Egypt. He is always full of creativity, energy, treating music as an engaging lifestyle rather than as a hobby. Dj Wela aims to inject individuality and optimism into every song, creating vibrant soundscapes that are worth more than one replay. His first official release, “An Alien,” is only one of the many catchy and radio-ready hits in his expanding production and remix catalogue.